Subsidiary Companies

In 2013 -2015 VZLU established three subsidiaries Serenum, a.s. and VZLU Technolgies, a.s.  and VZLU TEST, a.s.

VZLU, as a majority holder, excercise its rights by way of majority participation on the boards of companies. Employees of companies are based on the long-built teams of professionals who guarantee quality of service

VZLU Technologies, a.s. - major point of contact:
Ing. Josef Kašpar,  member of the Board, phone: +420 225 115 271,  e-mail:

Serenum, a.s. - major point of contact:
Mgr. Radek Peřestý,  director, phone: +420 225 115 496, e-mail:

VZLU TEST, a.s. - major point of contact:

Ing. Miroslav Valeš, Ph.D., director, phone: +420 225 115 267, e-mail: