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Jiang Shi was cbd gummies with 3 thc stunned, so that was cbd oil is it good for anxiety it, Mr.

He is afraid that God Emperor Jiang Shi will compete with him for the position of head of the Jiang family And the reason why God Emperor Jiang Shi escaped into reincarnation must have something to do with Jiang Tian That's it No wonder Jiang Tian looks like he wants to eat me It turns out he is my eldest brother Jiang Shi gritted his teeth, What a are cbd gummies good for nausea good big brother Jiang Shi sneered in his heart, why did he escape into reincarnation Is it really because of this What destroys the underworld He thinks he is not that great cbd gummies with 3 thc And all these mysteries can only be slowly revealed after he ascends to the God Realm cbd gummies with 3 thc At earthmed cbd gummies price this time, Jiang Shi was lost in thought, and a mayom bialik cbd gummies person came from a distance.

Whale headed crane Jiang Shi frowned.

On the dust star, thousands of feet high in the sky, a huge palace is suspended here.

Jiang Shiwei smiled and said Brother Xiao has great cultivation and a brilliant golden sword.

For a moment, it felt that the wound was healing and the pain was subtracting, and it suddenly became energetic It swallowed the elixir into its belly, and a surge of energy spread away, thus stabilizing its injury.

Strong man, this is the core ring of the Fire Whale Cloud Shuttle.

Around him, there Buy Cbd Oil Gummies cbd gummies with 3 thc are people whose personalities are very similar to his, and they all like to tease people.

Finally, with a terrifying explosion, thousands of birds flew out of the gap.

He was knocking After a long time, Jiang Shi gave up.

said through the message Brother Jiang, why don't we recognize Mr.

If you are in the realm of cultivation, you can only choose the human level.

Here are the rules, The Difference Between Cbd Oil And Gummies Garden Life Cbd Gummies see for yourself Chixiong snorted coldly, didn't bother to say more, waved his sleeves and left.

I won't play anymore I won't play anymore The man began to struggle and begged for mercy in horror.

Pfft As soon as these words came out, everyone was furious and looked at the idiot speechlessly.

Cbd Gummies 3000 Mg Effects

They were controlled by Black Dragon, and Prime Minister Turtle, Zhui Feng, Lizard Man, Yama Luo Umbrella and many newly joined brothers assisted Black Dragon to jointly run Tianmen.

One day in the outside world meant two hundred days in Fenglei Tower.

A large number of immortal emperors were sent out, and these happened to be destroyed by Qiu Gan.

The young man in black waved to Jiang Shi, Rumors are worse than seeing them.

Their stomachs turned as they looked at the disgusting human arm in the immortal puppet's hand.

He flew out of the dust star atmosphere and came to the edge of the galaxy.

No, we joined forces to form a sea alliance.

Do you understand the meaning of the sword of Juexin Shangguan Yun seemed to know Mu Huazi very well, The sword of Juexin is fired from the heart and attacks the enemy in the heart The sword is invisible, qualityless and traceless.

Qing'er Jiang Shi's body was trembling slightly.

Pet Cbd Oil For Joint Pain

While cbd gummies with 3 thc Goshawk is testing him, he is also blue vibes cbd gummies comprehending the ultimate in cbd gummies with 3 thc the field.

They are armed with various weapons and attack with a strong smell of blood Chariots from all directions gathered together, and flags fluttered in the wind If you look closely, you will see that Tantai, Changsun, Shangguan, Ximen, Huangfu and Murong are clearly written on the big flag orange county cbd 3200mg gummies large pack And Shangguan Yun was standing in the Shangguan family holding a Xuanguang sword The battle begins immediately.

After a moment, Ning Lingruo ran out holding Yang Ping.

Jiang Shi's figure flashed and went to hide around the cbd gummies with 3 thc Jinyang Sect.

What a cbd gummies with 3 thc fruit Just the fragrance it exudes has made your cultivation much more refined Everyone sighed, staring directly at the fairy fruit.


At first, Jiang Shi said a few words like Are you a woman But now Jiang Shi was too lazy to say it Women, Jiang Shi shook his head and sighed, then looked at Youmeng and Ruxuan, Women should still be like my two beautiful wives, gentle, graceful, and charming Unlike cbd gummies littleton co some sugar free cbd gummies groupon people, who are tall and tall.

On the other hand, these four eyes have been pampered since childhood.

Without the fragment, his skills would not be promoted.

But if both of them spoke out, they would all be killed Half a year later, the operation of Tianmen was finally stable.

Only he can practice this body refining technique, but the disadvantages of Zhan Qiansi have always been If it is not reflected, Jiang Shi cannot make changes.

Jiang Shi smiled slightly, waved his sleeves and left.

Cbd Chocolates Gummies

Shock and fear, for ordinary people, they have never even dreamed of 70 billion top quality fairy crystals Check Who else is in the private room besides Shan Yi An order came from each private room, and all the big shots frowned.

Fan'er, are you best cbd gummies on the market for pain okay Jiang Shiguan asked, looking at Nie Fan carefully.

This person's cultivation level is in the middle stage of Luotian Shangxian, slightly lower than Gongyang Hou.

Jiang cbd gummies with 3 thc Shi, you can only talk so much, just wait for me Let's see how I kill you then A promise is like a fart.

He looked at the private room where Jiang Shi was sitting with grownmd cbd gummies shark tank disdain, Huh, boring Two billion top grade fairy crystals, three Five billion top grade immortal crystals Jiang Shi said lightly, with a smile on his face, as if he didn't regard money as money at all.

Recently, he likes to The Difference Between Cbd Oil And Gummies Garden Life Cbd Gummies stay alone on the roof and admire the cbd gummies with 3 thc moon.

In Wind cbd oil for anxiety under the tongue and Rain Star City, a stream of light flashed across, smashing the ground where to buy cbd gummies with no thc into a large crater several meters deep.

No one present could understand what he meant by this, even the Qing Emperor looked confused.

This Universe Inverting Formation originally used innate spiritual treasures as its base.

When I give the order, use cbd gummies for joint pain and arthritis yourself as the base of the formation.

He actually beat Changsun Rong into this state Brother, cbd gummies with 3 thc look for me Zhang Sunrong couldn't speak clearly, with a look of pain on his face.

He looked around and found that the patrols were divided into several groups, probably more than a hundred people.

I haven't heard of any pills that can increase the speed ten times Geng Ji shook his head, Chixiong, it seems we can't play anymore.

At this time, a large army of immortal troops crowded outside the inn and surrounded the inn Looking at the number of people, there are cbd gummies with 3 thc at least 20,000 Then, the innkeeper also ran out of the house.

Little did they know, this person was the Demon Emperor with the strange sword who was famous in the demon world three thousand years ago Why don't we all go to the inn to rest and recharge our batteries Uncle Shang, I don't think this trip will go well Jiang Shi believed in his own perception.

Jiang Shi smiled bitterly and said My Jiang Shi's head is worth a lot of money now.

Please sit down, you two.

Along the way, the two stopped and talked with each other, and they learned a lot about each other.

There are also small and medium sized cbd gummies with 3 thc stalls on the roadside, which display various items, including fairy weapons, medicinal materials, elixirs, and a large number of strange cbd gummies with 3 thc things cbd gummies with 3 thc of different shapes.

Just now, at the critical moment, the cbd gummies with 3 thc black dragon teleported here with him, because Mu Fan Trapped and unable to resist, Jiang Shi took him directly into the Fenglei Tower, thus saving Mu Fan's life Mu Fan looked at the world inside Fenglei Pagoda, thinking that he was in the underworld.

You rejected me before I even said anything Jiang Shi shook his head and smiled.

He got up, quickly put on his clothes and condor cbd gummie came to Jiang Shi's side.

In the eyes of Shu Yi and others, the realm of heavenly immortal was nothing.

This move was discovered by Jiang Shi, who controlled the raging flame array.

But there was joy in those eyes.

Behind him were three middle aged men, all of whom had extraordinary temperaments and exuded the aura of killing.

If you haven't reached the highest realm, you really can't do these things Jiang Shi smiled bitterly, feeling as if he had just fought against millions of immortal kings.

He looked at the scene outside the door in a panic, with big beads of sweat flowing down cbd gummies with 3 thc his face.

As soon as he raised his hand, the void collapsed, the galaxy dried up, and countless corpses ran rampantly super chill cbd gummies 500mg reviews in the void, and were finally annihilated by the chaotic airflow Roar Why are there so many Immortal Emperors The sixth level Pluto Emperor let out a hoarse roar, which was extremely sinister.

Okay, we plan to scoop out a few important planets from the Fairy Demon Galaxy in a few days, and then you will be the ones to maintain Tianmen.

The picture was hazy, and neither the celestial sense nor the naked eye could tell what the picture was.

Except for Wu Ji, whose cultivation level can be determined, the cbd gummies with 3 thc rest include Xiao Yu, Su Qiuyu, Min Han, cbd gummies with 3 thc etc.

Now, you rush to the Silver Python Galaxy as quickly as possible Jiang Shi handed Elder Long a space ring.

Something, but the immortal consciousness couldn't see it.

When pure cbd gummies hoax I arrived at the land of beasts and entered the demon world, just for this fragment, the result was, What Is there something wrong with this fragment Emperor cbd gummies sale Kunpeng looked at Jiang Shi's expression and couldn't help but asked in confusion.

It was obvious that the location of the red dot must be the location of the fifth fragment But Jiang Shi frowned again.

If he concentrated his energy on one planet, that planet would definitely form an absolute defense Later, Jiang Shi led a large number of troops and secretly traveled to cbd gummies with 3 thc the demon world and the demon world.

On can cbd gummies help lower cholesterol his calm expression, there was a look of enjoyment Illusion The angry emperor The Difference Between Cbd Oil And Gummies Garden Life Cbd Gummies has fallen into an illusion Jiang Shi burst out and retreated, and his consciousness immediately sank into Qiushan to ask the map, making cbd gummies with 3 thc all preparations.

Yang were happy when they saw Jiang Shi arriving, and invited Jiang Shi to come in and sit down.

At this time, erectafil cbd gummies cost Shu Yi said Brother, instead of borrowing her fairy crystal, it is better to let her fly on our Yunsuo.

It smells good.

They danced wildly in the void, and only a moment later they regrouped into the seventh level Hades These bastards are dead, and these seventh level Hades are unprecedented.

Come and introduce cbd gummies with 3 thc a hero to you Jiang Shi walked up cbd gummies with 3 thc to cbd gummies with 3 thc Huangfu Yi.

Ahem, you should still like Black Dragon.

It slowly passed through Tantai Jing's body, cbd gummies with 3 thc and the original She Green Flower Cbd Gummies is graceful and flawless, as perfect as white jade.

Looking at Jiang Shi, Shu Garden Of Life Cbd Gummies Sleep cbd oil is it good for anxiety Yi asked Jiang Shi, Lingling, who is Garden Life Cbd Gummies in charge of intelligence, come over and rub your husband's legs Do you want to die Lingling hummed, and then a teacup flew over.

Zhu Sheng frowned and said Brother, you are in trouble The Nine Emperors'true cbd gummies with 3 thc body is a nine headed divine bird, and most of its descendants have inherited his excellent bloodline, and are extremely powerful And the Little Yu Emperor is even more terrifying, his true form is Muyu Chickens also have eyes under their wings, which cbd gummies with 3 thc are shocking to the sky They are one of the rare vicious cbd gummies with 3 thc birds Yes, I know, cbd gummies with 3 thc I'll go back and make some preparations Jiang cbd gummies with 3 thc VZLU Shi nodded, bid farewell to the two of them and entered the guest room in the palace.

Ding Ye smiled bitterly, who did I provoke Jing'er Jing'er Zhang Sunrong looked excited and quickly chased after her.

Of course, look Teng Qingfeng smiled confidently and stood in front of the ban.

He is high spirited, like a young man who has just entered the world, with his own dreams, ready to create a sky in the demon world.

Such a huge planet must have more than one town.

In the phantom formation, only one of the thirty immortal soldiers was left.

Even though Chixiong is tyrannical, he is still terrified in cbd gummies and fatty liver front of Yan Chen, because Yan Chen can make him disappear with just cbd gummies with 3 thc a move of his cbd gummies with 3 thc little finger Tomorrow the Zuishen Tower will be opened, and today several people have gathered in the Chixiong Palace.

They were unwilling to give up like this.

He holds a cbd gummies with 3 thc cbd oil is it good for anxiety long sword and fights the Tianmen sect leader alone.

Instead, she was bold.

Manshi struggled The reminder seemed to use up the last bit of strength in the body.

It flowed out immediately The golden dragon scales also began to fall off, revealing the bloody skin.

Rewrite history, create rebirth and destruction.

But the Three Thousand Volumes of Formation talked about things that Jiang Shi had never dabbled in For example, Nine Palaces, Bagua, Seven Stars,, Five Elements, Four Symbols, Three Talents, Two Elements, and One Qi Apart from the two words Five Elements, Jiang Shi had never heard of any hive cbd gummies of these magical terms The formation three thousand has a detailed introduction to these, because the fundamental of a formation master is to adjust the energy structure of all things and rearrange and combine them according to one's own wishes to form the so called formation The premise is that you must master basic knowledge such as Jiugong Bagua Jiang Shi was addicted to it and continued to comprehend the three thousand formations.

That's right, this one must be the one those demons are trying to save Damn, it's over now Jiang Shi was anxious, Queen Ant, what do you think we can do to save the Ant Emperor You are too weak.

If you offend me in any way, please don't blame me, Miss Jing'er It doesn't matter It doesn't matter Tantai Jing waved cbd gummies with 3 thc her jade hands gently, I'm just a guest, how could I have such thoughts.

Ning Qiu was also very happy.

A young man said, Brother, you don't know.

The palace was magnificent and dazzling.

Brother Jiang, these were made by Lingling and I.

After Jiang Shi thought for a short time, the price of the fragments of the God killing Picture has skyrocketed from one billion to top quality immortal crystals to 300 billion At this moment, Jiang Shi finally saw what it means to be wealthy Every cbd gummies and xanax together time the price is raised, it increases by hundreds of billions.

Ning Chou looked at Jiang Shi again.

stunned, he looked at Aunt Fang and Tantai Jing, Aunt Fang, Jing'er, why are you in my room Pfft Tantai Jing laughed out loud and pointed around, You fool, You fell asleep on the roof, where is the cbd gummies with 3 thc VZLU room Hehe.

In a short period of time, after Jiang Shi left a large number of immortal weapons and immortal crystals, Heilong, Prime Minister Turtle, Zhui Feng, Lingshan and others recruited a large number of strong men from the human race and demon race.

Really aboriginal orcs Jiang Shi was surprised.


It stands to reason that even fairy swords will gradually lose their immortality and become ordinary iron.

Assemble Baishi, Zhao cbd gummies with 3 thc Dan, and Fengli shouted, and ordered cbd gummies with 3 thc cbd oil is it good for anxiety their immortal armies to assemble.

Jiang Shi drove the Fire Whale Cloud Shuttle through the void and arrived at the Silver Python Galaxy.

They will go to the Palace of the Swallowing Immortal Emperor through the Demon Shadow Star and tell him that Manshi does not agree to this marriage The two walked out of the teleportation array, and Jiang Shi suddenly frowned.

Where did he get such courage However, the auction had to go on, and the old man said in a deep voice Five trillions of top quality fairy crystals, once Everyone was silent, and the big shots in each private room were also silent, although they were ordered to scoop it up at all costs.

He wanted to say that this Jiang Shi really had Green Grape Cbd Gummies cbd gummies with 3 thc a lot of trouble, but he took it back when he reached Green Grape Cbd Gummies cbd gummies with 3 thc his lips At this time, Feng Gu's expression was very exciting, like anger and laughter, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

He punched out and directly smashed cbd gummies with 3 thc the head of a savage Aoao The remaining savages immediately discovered Jiang cbd gummies with 3 thc Shi.

At this time, a blood red cloud shuttle cut through the void like a sharp blade In the cloud shuttle, everyone is there except Mr.

Jiang Shi narrowed his eyes and said, Okay, I'll give you one hundred a year.

Yunsheng, what are you so anxious about Listen cbd gummies with 3 thc to the elder brother Shu Yi took a sip of his cbd gummies ventura drink and looked at Yunsheng with contempt.

How could he fall here I cbd gummies with 3 thc am victorious I am the Emperor of Heaven I will never admit defeat Jiang Shi insisted on his belief and clenched his fists.

Boom At the same time, huge cloud shuttles turned around and moved Gas Stations That Sell Cbd Gummies Koi Cbd Gummies Near Me forward one Garden Of Life Cbd Gummies Sleep cbd oil is it good for anxiety after another, and figures appeared in the void one after another.

Pa Jiang Shi slapped Shan Yi's pretty face, and a clear voice sounded, Do you know you were wrong Jiang Shi said lightly, without any blame in his tone.

The sky, the sun, and the crescent moon face each other far away, neither infringing upon them.

Since yesterday, what are cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction a young man named Haotian has appeared out of thin air.

Hoo Lai Tou waved his mace and threw out thousands of shadows, each with a ferocious wolf head.

The old men in the family disturb my sleep all day long, and they are like flies nagging in my ears.

Everyone The Difference Between Cbd Oil And Gummies Garden Life Cbd Gummies was stunned, and their faces were filled with shock There are no cbd gummies with 3 thc people with true immortal cultivation here.

However, he still reminded him, Jiang Shi, this is the base camp of the Bainiao Clan.

It turns out that Uncle Jiang is their guide After a long time, Xiao Yu and others couldn't help laughing, but Qiu Gan's face was gloomy, the corners of his mouth were twitching, his muscles were weak, and his eyes were cloudy.

He looked outside the palace, penetrated the layers of space, and looked at the black sand star field.

His God killing Flame will have a different color at each level.

Ahem Jiang Shi coughed a few times, glared at the fat man, and cursed secretly for being useless, Jiang Shi Shi smiled and said Miss Jing'er, please don't blame me.

Wang Yunhe, you are very ambitious, are you willing to hand me over Humph, stop talking nonsense, cbd gummies by mayim bialik burn down my fairy mansion if you can, come in and catch me Otherwise, you can be my bodyguard Jiang Shi's loud laughter came from the golden cauldron.

Long, what's wrong with Brother Jiang Chang Qing'er was worried.

How could there be someone in this Black Wind Valley At this time, an even more terrifying scene happened.

This smell was different from Youmeng and Ruxuan, and also different from Tantai Jing.

Huh The closer Jiang Shi got to the fairy barrier, Gas Stations That Sell Cbd Gummies Koi Cbd Gummies Near Me the more clearly he could feel the aura of death.

He had never experienced Green Grape Cbd Gummies cbd gummies with 3 thc this after he had been out for so long.

Don't worry, Master, we know what's going on Youmeng smiled mischievously and stuck out her tongue.

At cbd gummies with 3 thc this time, the Fire Whale Yunsuo cbd gummies with 3 thc was only three thousand meters away from the cbd gummies with 3 thc black hole This distance, the Fire Whale Cloud Shuttle not only has to resist the suction force, but also try to avoid the stars being sucked in Because if he doesn't hide, he is likely to be hit by the stars into the black hole And if it is really Unable to escape, Jiang Shi simply launched an attack and blasted the star to pieces All this shocked Tantai Jing who had been watching She had thought that Jiang Shi was rich, but she didn't cbd gummies from icbd review expect that he was so rich In just half a short time In an hour, the top quality fairy crystals used by Jiang Shi were probably not even comparable to those of her family To be honest, Jiang Shi didn t know how many fairy crystals he had used.

Sometimes he stops suddenly, erases all traces, and starts over.

If you can help my sister eradicate the swordfish spirit, my sister will submit to your Tianmen But Lingshan stopped talking, her big eyes were like autumn water, and she looked Go through Jiang Shi's heart.

Jiang Shi slowly retreated, leaving space for Mr.

That's right, there are countless immortal crystals in Haotian Immortal Mansion.

Jiang Shi said in surprise, but his heart was filled with joy.

Since Jiang Shi decided to fight back, he would have to kill Zhao Cheng This is the principle of Chiang Kai shek If you don't move, you will die, if you move, you will kill Boom Boom Boom The Fire Whale Yunsuo was shocked and cbd gummies with 3 thc shot out dozens of powerful energy, destroying Zhao Cheng's Yunsuo in the blink of an eye Blast it into dregs Zhao Cheng escaped under the protection of an Immortal Luo Tian t Don't you two know where this place is Dare you make a noise here the middle aged man asked sternly.

They kept changing their shapes, roaring and fighting together with the five thousand Immortal Emperors cbd gummies with 3 thc The ultimate showdown between the Immortal Emperors determines the outcome of this battle.

Jiang Shi frowned, kicked his feet fiercely, and his body instantly jumped out like a hot wheel Huh Gas Stations That Sell Cbd Gummies Koi Cbd Gummies Near Me Along with a burst of roaring flames, Jiang Shi kicked the young man away and landed firmly on the ground, I'm sorry, it cbd oil is it good for anxiety was you who asked me to get down Bang Pfft Everyone was surprised.

While we are practicing, Best Place To Buy Cbd Oil Gummies we will study the rules and at the same time travel in the fairy world, increase our knowledge and make friends with heroes in the world Everyone cheered and was in high spirits, but at this time, Elder Long said Have you forgotten You are now the target of Green Grape Cbd Gummies cbd gummies with 3 thc the two major first level forces in the immortal world As soon as these words came out, everyone's laughter stopped abruptly.

Along the way, any guard who blocked his way had his throat cut off by Ding Ye and died Jiang Shi always had a smile on his face, but his eyes were sparkling with fire Anyone who knows him well knows that Jiang Shi is the most terrifying at this moment Dang Dang Dang Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, which disturbed the man who was about to take off Tantai Jing's underwear.

Jiang Shi, when you ascend, powerful cbd gummies I won't send you off.

I have to say that Jiang Shi is very Gummies With Cbd Oil Vegan Cbd Gummies For Sleep charming at this moment, cbd gummies with 3 thc and he is definitely a hero in the eyes of countless women.

From time to time, it seemed that there was fire surrounding it and thunder and lightning raging.

If you fail, You take it upon yourself This Yan Chen showed a hint of hesitation Is there anything absolute in this world cbd gummies with 3 thc If he really didn't snatch the Haotian Immortal Mansion, wouldn't he cbd gummies with 3 thc have to lose his life However, Gummies For Sleep Cbd at this time, Immortal Emperor Kong Mu spoke.

Jiang Shi was curious and moved the statue outward with cbd gummies with 3 thc both arms With this move, Jiang Shi instantly felt a gust of cold wind coming.

While the two were talking, the two black dragons above were already fighting.

I've met two seniors Jiang Shi handed over his hand, and Yin Yang, Qian Kun and Jiang Yu behind him were even more cbd gummies with 3 thc frightened.

Just sitting there quietly gave people a sense of tyrannical oppression, making him unable to breathe under the weight of the stone But Jiang Shi didn't feel this way.

But the 100,000 immortal troops surrounded the Drunken God Tower cbd gummies with 3 thc Best Cbd Gummies For Pain And Sleep and formed defensive formations.

He gathered all his strength and both fists, turned around and blasted out Boom The power was entangled in the air, and the energy of the two waves was in a stalemate.

If the Immortal Puppet uses its full strength, it can instantly smash the body of the Great Luo Jinxian Hand over what you just got, or die The immortal puppet stood in the air, its eyes like knives, staring at the Daluo Jinxian.

Long glared at her, and Shu Yi was so frightened that he hurriedly hid behind Lingling.

Okay, you guys retreat If there is danger, evacuate the Ultimate Star in time There will be hemp bomb cbd gummies 50ct bottle a teleportation array here as your escape route Yes, Master The four of them took the order to retreat.

He didn't stabilize his figure until he crashed three tables Suddenly, there were boos in the field.

As the name suggests, his body is exactly a toad It turned out to be a toad.

Nodding, his eyes were fierce and sharp, shining with cbd gummy bears depression anxiety an icy cold light like two sharp knives.

I saw Ximen Bingma approaching in a white lotus dress.

There was a cbd gummies with 3 thc burst of pain, and Lingling looked at him with a smile on her face and said warmly Would you like me to give you a cbd gummies with 3 thc VZLU beautiful woman as well Everyone laughed and made fun of Shu Yi, making Shu Yi extremely depressed At this time, everyone was enjoying themselves, but does cbd oil help low back pain they were suddenly interrupted by messages.

He said, he knew that Jiang Shi could hide in the Haotian Immortal Mansion.

Sometimes the ribbon is as hard as iron, sometimes as soft as water, and it dances like an elf in the girl's hands This scene was seen cbd gummies with 3 thc by Jiang Shi.

If so If so, then my plan is completely useless That's right The fat man nodded and the big cbd gummies with 3 thc one said Brother, there are many immortal emperors in the Yin Yang Sect, let alone the leader of the Yin cbd gummies with 3 thc Yang Sect who is a veteran immortal emperor.

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