Corporate Information

Headquarter of VZLU - Aerospace Research and Testing Establishment

Location of the Institute

VZLU is a research and technology organization (RTO) located in Prague – Letňany. High speed wind tunnel workplace in Prague – Palmovka is VZLU´s integral part.

Address: VZLÚ, Beranových 130, 199 05 Prague – Letňany
IČ: 00010669 (IdNo)
DIČ: CZ00010669 (Tax IdNo, VAT)

Company is registered with Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Part 446

Subsidiaries 'spin-off' companies VZLU

VZLU has founded three subsidiaries Serenum a.s. , VZLU Technolgies a.s. and VZLU TEST, a.s. since 2013.

Serenum, a.s. company develops special electronics and scientific instruments for space and terresterial applications. VZLU Technologies, a.s. ensures prototype and small batch production of specialized products of high technology complexity. VZLU TEST, a.s. provides accredited testing of products, materials and samples.

VZLU is the sole owner of the subsidiary companies and their management are directly involved. Staffing of companies is based on the long-constructed teams of professionals who guarantee quality of service.


VZLU is a joint stock company, 100% shares owned by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.

Number of Employees

Employees exceed 220 of which more than one half are highly qualified and graduated.

Annual reports

Annual reports include financial statements and are available for download below.

Annual report 2012 (in Czech)

Annual report 2013 (in Czech)

Annual report 2014 (in Czech)

Annual report 2015 (in Czech)

Annual report 2016 (in Czech)

Annual report 2017 (in Czech)

Main contacts


Tel: +420 225 115 222

Fax: +420 225 115 335