Company Policy


Aerospace and Test Establishment has been the major centre of aviation research, development and testing in the Czech Republic since 1922. We wish to strengthen our position as a modern research, development and testing
centre offering its services primarily to European customers. We promote our competencies and extensive knowhow not only in aviation but also in other industrial branches as transportation, energy, building industry, security
and space. Our goal is to reach the national leadership and significant European position in aerodynamics, structural strength and durability, in new materials application and in advanced technologies.


Our mission is to contribute to the industry competitiveness by our competencies and skills. We want to establish long-term cooperation with companies seeking highly professional services in research, development and testing. By analysing and evaluation of our customer’s satisfaction we seek to fulfil their demands and expectations in terms of quality, price and dependability.


We want to have fair relations with our suppliers to enhance our credibility, to have mutual confidence to reach reasonable pricing, terms and conditions.


To respect rules, to improve processes, actively employ quality management, these are our matters of principle. We want to maintain and enhance our qualifications, accreditations and certificates.


We make efforts to avoid failures in the whole range of our activities. We want to produce and deliver high quality products and services. In all our R&D activities we are aimed to continuous improvement of our knowledge to level it with the up-to-date scientific European and world achievements.


We wish to achieve our customer’s satisfaction via never ending improvement of our work. We want to lower products and services complaints, to reduce impacts on environment and to reduce incidents and accidents at
work. We also want to decrease costs while increasing profits. We want to achieve satisfaction of our customers, employees and suppliers.


We want all our employees having individual relation to their company and its heritage; we wish this relation is all the time further developed. We want all our employees being loyal, motivated and enjoying continuous professional and societal growth. We support professional development of each employee for the benefit of the company, the customer and employees themselves. We want working environment and interpersonal relations contribute to employee’s efficiency and to company’s policy and goals.

The company management makes every effort to create conditions necessary for sustaining the company’s policy and goals.

1. 3. 2018                                       Board Of Directors