Technologies for efficient power industry of 21st century

Jun 7, 2021

The partial goal of the DKRVO concept is to: “Develop knowledge and create tools and solutions for aerodynamics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics for use in modern energy facilities.”

Work for power industry is a significant element of the diversification of VZLU activities. Using the long-term know-how in the field of high-speed aerodynamics and turbine engines help to increase the efficiency of turbines of energy blocks using biogas and combustion of biomass (decentralized power plants). An important part of the “aerodynamic” contribution to modern power industry is also the area of ​​efficiency improvement of wind farms.

In the area of ​​power industry, the VZLU has set out the following three objectives for the five-year period resulting in specific technical solutions.

Partial objectives:

  • Development of numerical and experimental tools for flow path design and efficiency of small-sized turbines for local power plant units.
  • Development of tools for increasing the efficiency of wind farms.
  • Development of tools for the design of gas turbine combustion chambers for biofuels.