Investigating strain field modification caused by flaws in subcomponents and structures (MODIFLAW)

Jun 7, 2021


Investigating strain field modification caused by flaws in subcomponents and structures (MODIFLAW)


The distribution of strains through a region of a body is referred to as a strain field. Damage or defects to loaded composite structures cause their strain field to be modified. The EU-funded MODIFLAW project therefore aims to develop, apply and validate numerical models of strain field modification that is caused by the presence of flaws of different forms and sizes. It further aims to define virtual morphology for diagnostic indications provided by structural health monitoring (SHM) data and software on damaged subcomponents and structures. The project will advance research on novel inexpensive and low-weight processes and SHM technologies.

The project is led by VZLU based in Prague. The MODIFLAW is a European project of the joint technology initiative JTI Clean Sky 2.

VZLU will be involved in Finite Element Method (FEM) model prototypes design of typical flaws, non-destructive inspection (NDI) and evaluation of specimens and elements, mechanical tests, impact damage tests, strain measurements using strain gages and DIC, and virtual testing using developed Structure Health Monitoring (SHM) software.

The project results will contribute to innovative technologies which will be integrated into the Outer Wing Box on ground demonstrator and into the Fuselage structural demonstrator with the objective to obtain: structural weight reduction, manufacturing and assembling recurring cost reduction, maintenance improvement and implementation of new eco-compatible materials and processes.


VZLU – coordinator


CS2 – 886703


7/2020 – 02/2022


Martin Kadlec, PhD.