Advanced surface treatments

Jun 7, 2021

The partial objective of the DKRVO concept for this area is: Developing knowledge and developing tools and solutions in the field of advanced surface protection applicable in industrial practice.

Surface protection is a very specific field of applied research; the results are applicable in almost all industrial areas. Development of advanced surface treatments meeting REACH environmental regulations belong to the main long-term goal.  Development of poly-component coatings that bring specific properties is other RTD area of VZLU. In the field of surface protection, VZLU sets out for the five year period the following research objectives resulting in specific technical and patented solutions.

Partial objectives:

  • Development of advanced coating technology without Cr6+ to reduce corrosion damage of Al, Ti alloys and steels.
  • Development of new anti-freeze coatings composition and technologies.
  • Development of electrolytic plating surface technology for standard composite materials to increase resistance and durability.