“VZLU was established to promote modern aeronautical research in the Czech Republic. Primary VZLU’s activities point to innovations applicable mainly in aerospace industry. Provided services and developed technologies find applications in other fields aside of aviation.”

VZLU supports and develops a wide range of disciplines necessary for the development of products related to the aviation industry. Activities in this area comprise of aerodynamic designing, CFD calculations, flow simulations, flight dynamics, and complex testing of aircraft in wind tunnels. An important part of our work consists of the optimization of airfoils and lift mechanization, including evaluation of the propulsion unit / airframe interaction.

Another significant activity is strength of aircraft structures. VZLU performs stress analysis computations, FEM calculations, developmental and certification strength tests of airframes or of individual components of an aircraft. The structural tests include static and fatigue tests. In addition, assessment of the dynamic behaviour of aircraft structures is a part of this work by way of an aero-elasticity analysis and ground vibration (modal) testing.

VZLU is engaged in the development of new technologies for the production of composite aircraft components and structures using advanced cost-effective technology that is not dependent on an autoclave.

VZLU uses its expertise in the fields of aerodynamics for the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), propellers, and provides wide variety of research, development and testing for aircraft turbine engines producers.