Material properties and metallography

We provide complex services in the field of material research and development and in design optimization of both metallic and composite structures. We are capable to determine required mechanical, metallographic, and structural characteristics and allowable to guarantee the reliability of your products. We can experimentally verify the quality of materials and structures for required reliability of products. We provide technical expertise of failed structures and parts. Our laboratory is certified according to ISO 17 025.

We offer

• Static and fatigue tests of samples (“coupon testing”) from metallic and composite materials (in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity)

• Thermomechanical tests of materials

• Material tests (uniaxial / biaxial material tests, tension / compression, bending, shear, joint, impact, fracture toughness, crack growth, peel, conditioning, fretting, heat resistance, etc.)

• Metallographic and fractographic analyses


Dr. Ing. Roman Růžek

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