FEM calculations, strength analyses and simulations

Utilization of numeric simulations in the area of strength, fatigue, or aero-elastic analyses forms integral part of the design drafts verification, development, and optimization process. VZLU also utilizes and further develops experimental verification tools with link to certification processes for the purpose of numeric simulations verification.

We offer

  • Complex solutions for strength and durability of materials and structures
  • Analysis of composite structures, incl. modeling of degradation processes and its optimization
  • Calculations of stress and strain distribution, limit states, stability, buckling strength
  • Simulation and calculation of fatigue crack propagation and service life assessment
  • Topologic, strength, stiffness, and weight optimization of structures
  • Multi-physical simulation (acoustics, electromagnetism, FSI – Fluid Structure Interaction)
  • Crash analysis and simulation (high speed impact)
  • Rotor dynamics (complex modes, critical speed, Campbell diagram)
  • Modeling and simulation of dynamic systems


Ing. Doubrava Radek, Ph.D.

+420 225 115 134, 724 412 231