The area of aeroelastic stability and resistance against aeroelastic phenomena (e.g., flutter) forms integral part of development and certification of each aircraft structure. VZLU offers a complex solution for aeroelastic certifications of various aircraft categories using a suitable combination of analytic and experimental methods depending on the structure type and certification base. The Centre also carries out research aimed at specific aeroelastic phenomena like whirl flutter, development of related SW tools, aeroelastic experiments, etc. 

We offer

  • Load redistribution, divergence, control surface reversion, control surfaces flutter, structure´s aeroelastic response to gust and turbulence and critical speed calculations.
  • Modal calculations (normal and complex modes).
  • Aeroelastic analysis including dynamic effects of control systems (autopilot), servo-systems, systems of active control or alleviation (aeroservoelasticity)
  • Aeroelastic optimization
  • Development of dynamically similar models of structures
  • Aeroelastic certification of airframes according to FAR/CS 23, FAR/CS 25 regulations and regulations for general aviation


Ing. Jiří Čečrdle, Ph.D. 

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