Development of composite structures

Composites belong among modern and developing materials with increasing rate of industrial applications. VZLU covers the entire area of composite structures from determining the elementary characteristics of their individual components over structural, technological, and strength design, up to the production of prototypes and demonstrators.

We offer

  • Development of monolithic and sandwich structures made of composite materials, structural and strength design, documentation processing
  • FEM calculations including modelling of degradation processes, optimization calculations
  • Development of fire resistant composite structures with organic and anorganic matrix
  • Development of technology for the production of composite structures, incl. preparations and molds, optimization of the production process
  • Prototype workshop background – production of test specimens, demonstrators and prototypes by out-of-autoclave technologies (RTM, VARTM, RFI, contact lamination), final surface treatments


Ing. Král Michal, Ph.D.

+420 225 115 511, 602 117 784