Tests of aircraft and their components   

Utilization of advanced engineering methods and state-of-the-art test equipment for experimental analysis, testing, and proof of strength, service life, and resistance of aircraft structures and their parts against fatigue damage and failures, for resistance against impact of flying objects, crashes, and high loading gradients, vibrations, flutter, and other unfavourable aeroelastic phenomena, as well as for proving the heat resistance and heat strength of structures and structural elements forms integral part of the development cycle of aircraft and generally any complex mechanical engineering structures. VZLU has extensive experience and long tradition in the support of development and certification of aircraft and sophisticated mechanical engineering structures and possesses state-of-the-art equipment.

We offer

  • Static and fatigue tests of aircraft airframes, their parts and structural components (as well as combined tests with the influence of temperature and humidity)
  • Internal overpressure static tests
  • Tests of landing gears and their parts
  • Measurement of deformation and stress and strain measurement
  • Structure resistance to high velocity impacts – Bird Strike tests, hail strike tests, etc.
  • Crash tests, tests with a higher load gradient
  • Ground Vibration Testing
  • Modal and vibration tests, Operational Modal Analysis
  • Combustion chamber tests
  • Tests of gearboxes and load elements
  • Fire resistance and heat proof tests (ISO 2685 and RTCA DO-160)


Ing. Martin Oberthor

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