The start of the VZLUSAT-2 nanosatellite postponed towards the end of 2021

Jun 9, 2021 | Space

Company Momentus, which is providing launching service into orbit for nanosatellites from the Falcon 9 rocket, has not obtained permission from the FAA to launch its carrier. This also affects the Czech nanosatellite VZLUSAT-2, whose launch was originally planned for the beginning of 2021 and then for the summer of 2021.

Based on these events, the Spacemanic flight broker, that mediates the Momentus services to VZLU, decided to withdraw from the existing contract and subsequently purchased a launch from the established launch service provider Spaceflight. A new contract for the launch of the VZLUSAT-2 in December 2021 was signed between Spacemanic and Spaceflight in early June.

VZLU technicians are up for a trip to the USA to examine satellite systems and recharge on-board batteries. The nanosatellite will also be transported to Spaceflight’s headquarters.

The main task of VZLUSAT-2 is to verify the technologies for the following missions – the nanosatellite is equipped with an experimental camera and a unit for precise position control. In addition, on board we can also find the next generation of devices that have already proven themselves on the previous satellite VZLUSAT-1. The nanosatellite is based on a proven Cubesat-type concept and measures approximately 30 x 10 x 10 cm.

The satellite, like VZLUSAT-1, will be operated from the FEE UWB ground station.

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