“VZLU is one of the pioneers for space research in the Czech Republic. VZLU develops scientific instruments for space experiments and surveying; e.g. instruments for measuring of the physical properties of the ionosphere and magnetosphere.”

Since 2002, VZLU has been diligent in improving the manufacturing and development of the next generaton of micro-accelerometers. These products are used for measuring very small acceleration in space. These precise devices register the impact of non-gravitational forces on the orbit of satellites and permit rectification of the dynamic models of the Earth‘s thermosphere.

VZLU has supplied the micro-accelerometers for the SWARM space project as part of its partnership with EADS Astrium. The SWARM mission is focused on research of the geomagnetic fields utilising three satellites placed in polar orbit at altitudes 400-550 km. In 2009, the prototype device was successfully tested aboard the Russian satellite Tatiana 2, launched by space rocket Soyuz.

VZLU provides a wide range of professional services for the development of devices intended for use in space. Main engineering services provided for this sector are: Stress analysis, thermodynamic simulations, thermal analysis, reliability analysis, design and development of electronic systems. VZLU offers several types of qualification tests focused on mechanical and climatic resistance, and also provides consulting services in quality assurance and in the field of implementation in accordance to ESA standards (European Space Agency).

Available testing equipment includes a vibrating device, climatic, and thermo-vacuum chambers. The working site has clean rooms (class 100,000) which are necessary for the development of devices that are utilised in space.