Surface transport

Surface Transport

“VZLU cooperates actively with industry leaders in the development of land transport vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, trains and trams; contributing by specific and unique activities.”

VZLU´s competence in aerodynamics and strength of structures proves advantageous in application for land transport vehicles development. Our partners from the automotive industry and other segments of surface transport frequently exploit VZLU’s multifunctional testing laboratories.

A majority of testing is linked to the reduction of aerodynamic drag of a vehicular body and its elements, like spoilers, rear-view mirrors, air and cooling inlets and the interaction with the pavement. Calculations and flow simulations are based on commercial and in-house CFD codes. Flow calculations and CFD simulations are often validated by experiment in the wind tunnel. Wind tunnels in VZLU are used for testing scaled models of vehicles or for testing of full size models of elements of vehicles.

VZLU also provides stress analyses and structural testing for the chassis and other parts subjected to high-strength load. In addition, we are easily able to perform qualification tests for specified systems whether they may be climatic or pertain to mechanical (vibration) durability.