Certificates and Approval Certificates

Lloyd´s certification

Certificate issued by Czech Accreditation Institute

  • Certificate of accreditation ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 no. 475/2019,  val.: 09/2024
    to calibration laboratory no. 2303 for calibration of strain-gauge dynamometers in the range from 0.1 kN to 500 kN

Approval Certificates issued by Civil Aviation Authority

  • Approval certificate no. L-3-017/8, issd.: 10/2018 for testing and aerodynamics measurement of aircraft mock-ups and parts, ground facilities, buildings and other products in low speed wind tunnels and by other methods simulating movement of the subject examined
  • Approval certificate no. L-3-050/6, issd.: 9/2008 for testing and inspections of aircraft electric instruments and aerodynamics measurements in high speed wind tunnels
  • Approval certificate no. L-3-078, issd.: 9/2008 for performing strength tests of aircraft airframes and mechanical assemblies
  • Approval certificate no. L-3-089/2, issd.:10/2018  for procedures for compliance and verification testing of aircraft engines and their parts

Approval Certificate issued by Ministry of Defence

Approval Certificate issued by CR Amateur Aviation Association