Workshop on space standards ECSS

The Czech Space Agency in collaboration with VZLU and ESA (European Space Agency) organized a workshop on ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardisation) held at VZLU on 22 May 2009. Divided into two blocks, the first one was designed for all the participants while the second, targeted for insiders already experienced in ESA projects, was intended as a discussion forum.

The Czech Space Office, o.p.s. is a non-profit-making organization with the main activities as follows: information and consultancy centre related to aerospace activities including international collaboration; contact organization for collaboration with ESA; representation of the Czech Republic in the International Astronautics Federation IAF; management of the registry of space objects launched by the Czech Republic; supporting contacts between Czech and foreign / international bodies and industrial firms in the space sector; supporting research on airspace and astronautic objects; participation of the Czech industry in space projects especially those in European programmes; space technology marketing. To this purpose it employs various measures such as organizing workshops and conferences, information, educational and promoting events on space problems.

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