Workshop: Flow simulation in aviation and industrial applications (aerodynamics)

Another edition of workshop devoted to applied aerodynamics took place on October 7, 2008 at VZLU. Following its tradition, the workshop was concentrated on flow simulation techniques, both theoretical and experimental. Around 50 attendees heard 13 papers lectured by authors from VZLU, Skoda Power, TechSoft Engineering, ČVUT Prague, and VUT Brno. Apart from aviation, the contributions dealt also with automobiles and steam turbines. All the contributions are available on VZLU websites.
VZLU Aerodynamics Division studies a number of aerodynamics disciplines such as CFD, aerodynamic optimization, flight mechanics, transonic and supersonic flows, road vehicle - specially car aerodynamics, building aerodynamics, wind engineering, pedestrian comfort, air conditioning, turbines and compressors, wind tunnel measurements, etc. The Division´s customers include aircraft, car and other transportation designers. VZLU has several wind tunnels located in Prague.