We offer a free usage of the wind tunnel for scientific and students´ experiments

Measurement of the aircraft L159 prototype in the wind tunnel

Aerospace Research and Test Establishment, a.s. (VZLÚ) is participating in the LM2011016 - Wind tunnels project, which is part of the Large infrastructures programme supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Within this project, we provide external users from educational institutions and research organizations with free open access to our 3mLSWT wind tunnel located in Prague Letňany for both the possibility of elaboration of theses and dissertations, and for the opportunity to carry out experiments, measurements and consultations in the field of experimental aerodynamics.

Research projects and experiments carried out in the large infrastructure under open access are deprived of fees for the use of the infrastructure. This applies to operating costs and operating personnel services related specifically to activity performed there. Services that are not covered under the open access include production of prototypes and products, customization of models, tools beyond the basic infrastructure equipment, advanced measurement techniques (PIV, etc.) and data processing.

Individual applications will be considered in the order in which they are delivered to VZLÚ, up to full capacity, which is allocated for the open access. The open access regime is linked with actual research and project activity of the wind tunnel, so the actual date of open access is always subject to an agreement between VZLÚ and the applicant.

The applicant for an open access to research infrastructure must ensure that the nature of the required activity is an independent research and implementation of this activity will not provide any entity in the market with any form of direct or indirect support.

VZLÚ reserves the right to refuse an application for both technical and safety risks arising from the considered experiment, and also in case of inappropriate technical content of the experiment. A cooperation agreement will be concluded with successful applicants. The agreement will define further conditions for the utilization of the infrastructure.

Basic conditions for an access


Application with a project proposal can be submitted by any educational or research organization fulfilling conditions for an open access to Large infrastructure. Application form can be downloaded here.


A cooperation agreement concerning access to large infrastructure will be concluded between VZLÚ and the applicant. The contract will define further conditions for the open access, including requirements for safety. A draft contract will be sent on request.


The research project will be completed by signing a Declaration on implementation by both parties.