VZLUSAT-2 nanosatellite on its way to USA


VZLU Scientists have completed work on the second VZLU nanosatellite and prepared its transport to Netherlands, from where the satellite, together with other European satellites will be transferred to the USA and installed in the dispenser of the Falcon 9 rocket launcher.

Nanosatellite is equipped with the experimental camera and with the unit for precise attitude control. In addition, on board there is also second generation of devices which have already proven their qualities on the previous VZLUSAT-1 satellite.

"VZLUSAT-2 is a technological mission that should verify several subsystems for more advanced future missions. Many technologies are being tested in the Czech Republic for the first time. Despite advanced simulation and testing possibilities, it is not possible to fully verify everything here on Earth, so we need to obtain data from the orbit, this applies for example to the precise attitude control system that cannot be fully verified here on Earth.“ Notes the head of VZLÚ satellite systems Juraj Dudáš.

Nanosatellite VZLUSAT-2 benefits from proven construction of CubeSat 3U, with dimensions of 100x100x350mm. The flight window for the Falcon 9 launcher is opened from the first December and ends at the end of March next year (launch is preliminarily scheduled for 12/18/2020). Target orbit of the satellite is at altitudes between 500-600 km above the Earth. Communication with the satellite will be performed through the ground station of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of West Bohemia. Registration of the satellite was made by Ministry of Transport of Czech Republic. VZLUSAT-2 will therefore fly with the Czech flag.

New VZLU space team specialists were also involved in the development of the satellite, which allowed them to gain valuable experience with the construction of the satellite. Gained knowledge will be utilized in future project of the Czech satellite constellation, which is being prepared in VZLU for the following years.

The co-researchers of the VZLUSAT-2 project are Evolving systems consulting, ltd. and CTU and UWB universities. The project partners are Eltvor Instruments ltd., Advacam ltd., Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe ltd., TTS ltd. NEEDRONIX ltd., Spacemanic CZ ltd., and Konkoly Observatory.

The project was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, focused on the long-term conceptual development of a research organization. The project was implemented with financial support from the state through the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic by the EPSILON program. Specifically, the project TH04010294 named Technological Demonstrator - Radial Orbital Monitor with Spacepix Sensor.