VZLÚ together with industrial partners succeeded in the third call of the ALFA Programme

VZLÚ together with industrial partners succeeded in the third call of the ALFA Programme

The evaluation of project proposals in the third call of the ALFA Programme, which took place at the end of 2012, turned out very well for VZLÚ. Out of 10 submitted project proposals 7 were selected for funding. They are usually four-year projects with implementation in the period 2013-2016.

In two of the selected project proposals VZLÚ is in the role of subsidy recipient. The project is entitled "In orbit demonstration of products and technologies at the nanosatellite VZLUSAT-1". The aim is to create a design of a small testing nanosatellite like CubeSat, its launch to Earth orbit and the subsequent processing of telemetry information and data measured in space. There are other participants – Czech aviation companies - involved in implementation of this project apart from VZLÚ: 5M, Innovative Sensor Technology and TTS.

Another project led by VZLÚ is entitled "Research and development of the combustion system for small turbine engine using alternative fuels". The project focuses on the development of design technologies and optimization of the combustion system of a small turbine engine TJ100 for modification to alternative fuels and their subsequent experimental validation for aviatic and ground applications. New knowledge gained in the project will enable more efficient design of combustion chambers with lower emissions production, higher reliability and durability.

VZLU Testing Laboratories Department cooperates with companies Pragochema and Czech Airlines Technics on a project called "Development of surface treatment technologies with low degree of hydrogen ingress". The project is focused on the research and development of new optimized technologies of galvanic coatings, including appropriate agents for the surface treatment. Special emphasis is placed on minimizing hydrogen ingress during the process.

VZLÚ cooperates with CZ LOKO on a project called "Locomotive entities". The project focuses on the development of locomotives resistant to extreme climatic conditions. The aim is to extend the operational range of external temperatures while maintaining or improving the energy demand of the locomotive entities system. This project represents another opportunity to apply the skills of the research team from Aerodynamics Department in the field of land transport.

The company Letov letecká výroba and the Strength of Structures Department continue cooperation in the field of research of thermoplastics in the project entitled "Research and development of modern technology processes for new applications of high-tech reinforced thermoplastic".

SIGMA is the acronym of the project entitled "Integration of the SHM into the system for ensurance of the continued airworthiness of a small transport aircraft", which is coordinated by Honeywell International. The project is aimed at developing advanced systems for monitoring the condition of metal aircraft structures (so-called Structural Health Monitoring).

Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR is the coordinator of the project called "Measurement instruments for aspherical and freeform optical surfaces". Due to reorganization of space activities in VZLÚ it was not clear until the last moment whether we will be able to participate in this project. VZLÚ finally took part in this project oriented to cosmonautics.