VZLU received an award from the European Space Agency ESA

ESA has awarded VZL-u’s working benefits for SWARM space mission, which is focused on the research of Earth's magnetosphere.

In November 2013, a load-bearing rocket carried three European SWARM satellites to the orbit that measure the Earth's magnetic field.

Each of the satellites is carrying a microaccelerometer that can measure very small accelerations and their changes affecting the satellite's motion. VZLÚ participated on the development of these micro-accelerometers since 2005.

First results of the mission were introduced in June last year in Copenhagen at the third scientific meeting of Swarm mission. The first data from satellites revealed actual changes in the magnetic field that protects our planet.

These changes are based on magnetic signals coming from the earth's core. In the coming months, researchers will analyze the data to reveal the sources of magnetism also from other sources. Especially from the earth's mantle, crust, oceans or ionosphere. (source: ESA)

It is the biggest project concerning flight hardware development on which the Czech Republic cooperates with ESA. Czech Republic became one of only two countries in the world, which has a proven in space microaccelerometer technology.