VZLÚ on the Czech-German aerospace days in Munich

VZLÚ on the Czech-German aerospace days in Munich (Photo - courtesy of www.czechspaceportal.cz)

Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and the German Centre for Aerospace DLR (Deutsches Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt) organized a second seminar, the "Czech-German Industry Space Days", on 18 and 19 January 2017.

The two-day event was attended by Czech and German companies and institutions, which presented their activities in the field of astronautics and had the opportunity to make new contacts and business opportunities. The seminar followed up on the first meeting held in Prague in 2014. After many positive reactions of all participants, the organizers decided to repeat it every two years.*

VZLÚ and its subsidiaries participated at these Czech-German Days, as the whole VZLÚ group has a relatively wide range of activities in space, see below:

  • Engineering and Testing for space - VZLU provides a wide range of professional services for the development of devices intended for the use in space.  It concerns different types of engineering work including for example stress analysis, thermodynamic simulation, thermal analysis, reliability analysis, etc. The development work also includes some types of qualification tests, focusing on mechanical and climatic resistance.
  • The development and manufacture of scientific instruments for the use in space - VZLU´s spin off Serenum a.s. develops and delivers specialized scientific instruments and equipment for experiments and measurements in space. The most important are the development of micro-accelerometers used for research of the ionosphere.
  • Space activity centre deals with construction of own satellites for applied, contractual and basic research and development and testing of space equipment. The Centre cooperates with several universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences. VZLU plays a role of a Project coordinator and integrator of small satellites.

*Source: www.czechspaceportal.cz