VZLU obtained a patent in the field of surface protection based on Zn-PTFE

TIP program (Ministry of Industry): Project FR-TI1/047 "Complex and environmental technologies of composite surface treatment development based on zinc with low friction coefficient"

The final opponency meeting took place in VZLÚ, with the participation of representatives of the subsidy provider the Ministry of Industry and Trade, on 18 September 2012. Results of the project were presented at the meeting. In cooperation with FS CTU and CVP Galvanika an entirely new technology allowing the coating by completely new type of composite coating Zn-PTFE was developed. This technology has been granted a patent by the Industrial Property Office under Patent No. 302895. At the end of the meeting the board of opponents stated that all the objectives of the project were met and the result of their evaluation was grade V (excellent results of the project).

The new type of composite coating has a unique combination of properties, including apart from traditional anticorrosive capabilities also important tribological parameters, especially the low friction coefficient and improved wear resistance. This combination of properties is currently the most required in the automotive industry, but there are growing demands from other industries now. The verified technology has been used under licence in a pilot plant in CVP Galvanika, where it can be used in the standard industrial practice henceforward.

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