VZLU – Major Centre for Aeronautical Research in the Czech Republic


Research and development (R&D) are the Institute´s dominant activities. By working on R&D projects VZLU helps develop the Czech aeronautical industry. At national level VZLU worked on four research plans and 14 R&D national projects in 2008. At international level, in 2008 VZLU participated in 14 projects of 6th EU Frame Programme including in thesecond year an integrated international project CESAR. In the same year the Institute started to work on 3 projects of 7th FM of the first call, and on 8 projects of the second call as a member of international consortiums. VZLU´s active participation in international projects enables it to develop new know-how and cooperation with the EU aviation industry. This also permits VZLU to present and pursue the Czech R&D activities in aviation within the European Research Area.