VZLU joined a European cultural project - Literature Night 2011

Literature Night 2011

Aerospace Research and Test Establishment was involved in a European cultural project organized by the Czech Centre in cooperation with Prague’s Association of European cultural institutes EUNIC and cultural departments of embassies of European countries - Literature Night 2011. This exciting cultural project took place at various locations in the Prague quarter Libeň.

VZLU lent the premises under the former Libeň’s gas tank, where one of twenty stops was organized in cooperation with the Cultural Department of the Swedish Embassy. Karel Dobrý, a Czech actor, wore an original suit of supersonic pilots from 1950’s and from 18:00 to 23:00 at half-hourly intervals he was reading an excerpt from a Czech translation of a book written by a Swedish author Lotte Lotass called "The third cosmic velocity." This book is about the preparation of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin for his first space flight. The combination of the book’s topic and non-traditional premises of the Libeň’s gasometer created a pleasant atmosphere and thus contributed to an exceptional cultural experience for visitors.

This cultural event demonstrates the importance of including the former Libeň’s gasometer among technical monuments of the Czech Republic, which is currently used not only for aerodynamic research, but also for cultural purposes.

A traditional tour of the former Libeň’s gasometer organized in collaboration with the Municipal Authority of Prague 8 will be held again this year within the European Heritage Days. The gas tank will be open to visitors on Saturday 10 September 2011.