VZLU is part of joint EREA initiative called Future Sky

Association of European Research Establishment in Aeronautics EREA over a year ago decided to create initiative called Future Sky. VZLÚ is involved from the beginning in its preparation. The main objective is to ensure full mobility of aircrafts 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This activity is divided into four thematic phases spread over 7-10 years.

TSE1: SAFETY - focus on all kinds of problems related to safety (total risk assesment, safety prediction...)

TSE2: VEHICLE - focus on the research of own aircraft design

TSE3: SYSTEM - focus on insertion of UAVs in the civil ATS

TSE4: ENERGY - focus on the development of technologies that reduce the energy intensity of aircraft operations

The European Commission welcomes this initiative and gives EREA considerable trust. By participating in this project VZLU will gain new valuable experiences.

The full text of the EREA newsletter special edition Future Sky is available on the right.