VZLU is involved in the development of the new L-39NG training aircraft

Roll-out of L39NG

On October 12, 2018, a new military jet aircraft, L-39NG, was launched to build on the highly successful L-39 Albatros aircraft produced in 1971-1996 and delivered to around 40 countries. The manufacturer of new aircraft is AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE, a.s. (AVA) based in Odolena Voda.

The L39 NG has a larger range than its predecessor, better aerodynamic features, is safer and lighter. Designed and technologically modified fuselage with a higher proportion of composite materials complements the new wing with an integral fuel tank, modern instrumentation and a longer life drive unit. According to the manufacturer, one of the advantages of the airplane is to have low acquisition and operating costs compared to other more powerful exercise machines. In addition to pilot training, the L-39NG is also designed to fulfill battle, patrol and reconnaissance tasks.

According to media reports, the development of the airplane required almost a billion crowns. Serial production is due to start in 2020. Aero Vodochody already has an order for four dozen machines, others are in negotiation. The price of the machine is tens of millions of dollars. Aero has already had several orders from, for example, Portugal, USA or Senegal. The Czech military will also be interested in the airplane, the size of the delivery is subject to further negotiations.

VZLU participates in the development of the aircraft in several R & D projects and through contractual research. Research and development works fall into the fields of aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, the use of composite materials and aerospace testing.

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