VZLU is involved in booster development for ARIANE 6 launcher

Test rig concept with structure in amber

Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU) and MT Aerospace (MTA) signed an agreement for the development and qualification testing of parts for the new European launcher ARIANE 6. VZLU will collaborate on design and analysis of metallic parts of the new European launcher and will perform qualification testing of the ESR Rear Skirt – the structural part that carries the whole launcher on the launch pad during preparation for the launch.

„Involvement in the ARIANE 6 program is an important opportunity for the VZLU to use its existing experience from projects for the European Space Agency but also to extend our experience in this field.” says Radek Lapáček, the VZLU ARIANE 6 Project Manager.

VZLU currently finalizes the design of the test rig which must be able to simulate not only the loadings of the ESR Rear Skirt structure both on the ground and during lift-off but also the stiffness of the surrounding structures – Launch pad pallet and the CFRP body of the ESR (Equipped Solid Rocket motor).

The beginning of the ESR Rear Skirt testing is planned for the summer 2019 and it will last for one year. The rocket will be prepared for the first launch in July 2020.

MT Aerospace (MTA) is an international leading company in the field of aerospace and defence as well as a global partner for antennas and mechatronics. MTA develop and produce essential subsystems for the European launch vehicle ARIANE, the Airbus fleet as well as for spacecrafts and satellites. 700 employees are located in Augsburg and Mainz (Germany), Cagliari (Italy), Santiago de Chile and Kourou (French Guiana).