VZLÚ has expanded its testing capacity in the field of mechanical ruggedness testing

In November, one of the largest investments in 2009 was finished and launched at the Testing Laboratory department, namely the device for combined testing of temperature-vibration type. The testing unit consists of electric-dynamic vibration system manufactured by LDS, with a peak force of 22.2 kN, allowing to produce vibration along the vertical axis and - thanks to the sliding bench - in the transverse and longitudinal directions. The sliding bench ensures that the tested piece always lies in its required working position. The device is controlled by an 8-channel system Vibration Research VR8500-8 and is equipped with a software package VibrationView (version 8), including the Sine, Random, Classical shock, Sine Resonance Phase Track and many other modules.

To perform combined tests, the device is fitted with a temperature chamber, type VTV 7060-5, made by Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH, with an inner volume of 600 dm3, working range from -70 to +180 °C, rate of temperature change for heating/cooling 5/5 K.min-1. The electric travelling device of the part of chamber, with a testing space, allows a comfortable manipulation for changing the position during vibration on the vibrator itself, with the sliding bench used, or using the device for testing without vibration. The chamber is controlled by the state-of-the-art software S!MPATI v.4.

The system is suited to supplement the existing fleet of equipment used for the mechanical ruggedness testing and combined tests, and will allow considerable improving and increasing efficiency of the services in the field of the long-term lifetime tests provided to our customers.