VZLU has been awarded a new Czech patent

Ukázka grafického výstupu monitorovacího systému

On 20 September 2017 the Czech Aerospace Research Centre was granted a patent No. 306 925 for A Device for Non-invasive Monitoring of the Dielectric Matrix Flow During the RTM Proces whose inventor is Jan Cagan from the Composite Technologies Department.

The device can be used in RTM production of dielectric matrix composite materials.

Annotation: The device for non-invasive monitoring of the dielectric matrix flow during the RTM process is designed to eliminate problems with unsaturation of the dielectric matrix composite products or other defects caused by poor setting of the dielectric matrix inputs or outputs. The device uses the capacitance sensors with a scattered electric field embedded in the wall of the mould  of the RTM process just below its working surface. The capacitance sensors embedded this way change their electrical capacity on the basis of changes in the electrical permitivity of the surrounding environment. The essence of the invention then consists in developing a device which allows to process the measured signals from the capacitance sensors with a sufficient distance of the useful signal from the noise and, consequently, to clearly display these signals. The device is designed wirelessly so as not to limit the RTM process operator during their work.

For more information on the patent No. 306 925, please refer to the UPV patent register.