VZLU coordinates a security research project SCENT

VZLU together with CHMU coordinates a project entitled "Operational estimate of the spread of dangerous gases in the vicinity of an accident or a terrorist attack" within a Security Research II Programme financed by the Ministry of Interior.

A unique software of flexible use for instant estimate and forecast of the area contaminated with toxic gases escaping during an accident or immediately after a terrorist attack will be developed for these purposes. This software can become part of the Integrated Emergency Service (IES). Detailed topographic data of the crash site will be used as input data. These data will include information on the house-building i.e. digital model of the surface (at least in large chemical plants and their surroundings), information about the volume of storage containers and the type of leakage (immediate leakage of the entire volume/gradual leakage) and the current weather data including current short-term weather forecast. By localization of vulnerable areas, technical and human resources will be concentrated into needy areas to make IES activity the most effective.

At the same time, software for estimation of concentrations of leakage of poisonous gases at high-risk places will be developed. With regard to long-term weather conditions (wind rose) the software will be used to determine contamination in selected locations in the CR (such as leakage of gas from chemical producing plants, ...). Using the mentioned software, leakages can be predicted near risky buildings and contingency plans can be improved for cases of accidents for different scenarios of the development of the situation in order to minimize negative impacts on the health and lives of citizens.