VZLU cooperates on the development of highly efficient turbines

As part of a research project called TIP program with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, VZLU participats in a project titled "Complex development of a turbine reaction stage with high efficiency" with notation FR-TI3 / 432. 

The main objective of the project was the development of a new pressurized turbine stage for steam turbines using the latest computational and experimental approaches. 

The main contractor was  Doosan Škoda Power, where took place the major structural work. 

As co-investigators are included two research organizations: Aerospace Research and Test Establisment, a.s. (VZLU) and the Research and Testing Institute Plzen, a.s. (VZU). 

Doosan Skoda Power compiled their own model of hypertensive blading. Using the model a profile system has been created and applicable to the distributor and rotor blades of high-pressure steam turbine stage. These profiles were verified experimentally in a wind tunnel at VZLU. Experimetal work were completed with CFD simulations in order to find the best set of computational solvers that would faithfully interpret the physical processes in the studied cases. 

With the newly developed degree will be prepared relations and procedures for the design of turbo machinery with improved efficiency of energy conversion from primary energy into electrical energy.