VZLU cooperates on “Space plane” project led by EADS Astrium

At the end of last year VZLU began to collaborate with EADS Astrium concerning the aerodynamic assessment of a revolutionary new vehicle for suborbital missions including space tourism and other scientific applications. The co-operation was established on the basis of an aerodynamic benchmark test which was performed last year. The scope of this benchmark was CFD calculations of several tasks. VZLU was evaluated as one of the best among all competitors from European research establishments.

The subject of co-operation is flight physics verification of particular configurations and aeroelastic analyses for wide range of flight envelope. The Space plane is intended to carry four passengers. The operating altitude is up to 100 km and with the more than three minutes of "zero G" feeling.

VZLU believes that the cooperation with EADS Astrium in aerodynamic calculations, aeroelastic analyses and perhaps in the other areas will be extended in the near future.

More information about Space plane project can be found on: