Research of strength of low-weight structures

Project objectives

Research into weight-saving structures, especially aircraft structures.
​This research project is aimed at designing modern weight-saving structures, which is of great importance to aviation and space technologies with respect to developing new aircraft and space bodies. The results are also largely applicable to general engineering. The point is to find strength characteristics of advanced metal and nonmetal materials, load effects, and theoretical and experimental validation method to be used in regulations to achieve their higher strength at lower cost.


The research project is articulated on four axes:

  • Calculation-based simulations
  • Technology, certification and operation of constructions
  • Metrology
  • Non-destructive testing


Research projects´ main goals are as follows:

  • Support and headway of demanding scientific field
  • Education of top scientists
  • Keeping experimental facilities on internationally comparable level
  • Getting knowledge on how to enhance technical parameters
  • Lowering environmental impacts through lower consumption and higher efficiency.


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Head Investigator:

Ing. Josef Jironč
Strength of stuctures
Tel: +420 225 115 122