Unmanned aircraft Manta in VZLU aerodynamic tunnel

VZLU is together with Honeywell and VTÚLaPVO LOM Praha one of the recipients of a project No. TA02030572 named "TDAAS –Traffic Detect & Avoid system" which aim is to develop a system to incorporate UAVs into civil airspace. This project is designed with the support of TA CR. It is a Sense & Avoid system, which is similar to the TCAS (Traffic Collision Alert System) used in civil aviation for manned aircraft.
VZLU prepared a mathematical model of the aircraft Manta based on the static and dynamic measurements of the model (1:2.5) in a wind tunnel. The results will be incorporated into UAV autopilot, but also used in numerous simulations of the interaction between the Sense & Avoid system and UAV Manta before the flight tests.

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