Ultra light fighter from CVUT students was tested in VZLU

testing of ultralight

Due to students at the Czech Technical University in Prague is almost 14 years developed unique ultra light fighter.

People from department of Aerodynamics and a team of PhD students from the Technical University in Prague hung in the wind tunnel ultra light fighter which is undergoing the first test headwinds. "It came to the stage where we need to find out how such a machine behaves within airspeed, that's why we are here in the tunnel. This is probably the only place that we were able to allow such an experiment here in Czech," explained Project manager Robert Theiner for the report in CT News aired 3/11/2013.

The aircraft UL39 should have a weight of about 320kg. Maximum speed is said to be up to 300 km/h. In front part is located rescue parachute in case of an emergency landing. Inside the aircraft is the engine from a motorcycle with a power output of 200 hp, which drives the fan. It uses a similar principle as we use on the jets, but it is not a jet engine .

It was an extraordinary moment for the designers and the tunnel itself . Typically, in a wind tunnel VZLÚ measured only aircraft models. Thus, a large body is truly exceptional.

Full CT report can be viewed here.