Thermoplastic composites for aviation


activities in the field of thermoplasts:

  • In cooperation with partners or customers, we carry out structural design, structural analysis and technological development of aircraft components made of composite materials with a thermoplastic matrix
  • Thermomechanical analysis of materials
  • Static and fatigue testing of samples, nodes and structures
  • Operational and climatic testing of samples, nodes and structures


  • Heated plates, workshop press, via subcontractor - autoclave and heated press
  • Static and fatigue structural testing laboratories
  • Laboratory for thermomechanical analyses
  • Laboratory for operational and climatic tests

Research projects:

  • THERMOPLASTIC COMPOSITES - “Verification methods for design and production technology for parts of advanced structures made of reinforced thermoplastic”, (2009-2012. MIT – TIP1, project No. FR-TI1/463)
  • THERMOPLASTS – “Research and development of modern production technologies for parts and applications made of high performance composites with thermoplastic matrix”, (2013-2016, TAČR – ALFA3, project No. TA03010209)
  • THERMOPLAST – “Design and technology development for aircraft primary structural parts of advanced shape made of thermoplastic materials”, (2018-2020, MIT ministry, program TRIO, project No. FV30033)


Dr. Ing. Roman Růžek, Head of Materials, technologies and NDT, VZLU
tel: +420 225 115 153, e-mail: