The measurement of new Škoda Power stator profile T03a/E

View to the control room.

Two significant orders from Škoda Power, which is a one of the word leaders in production of steam turbines, were carried out at aerodynamic division of VZLU last year.

The experimental research on new stator profile T03a/E where the blade cascade in several pitches were tested on desired inlet angle to optimize the cascade pitch (Zweifel coefficient) was fulfilled within the contract. The measurements were carried out in a linear cascade test section of closed loop wind tunnel in the range of isentropic outlet Mach numbers from 0.4 to 1.2.

Then the secondary flow vortexes were studied. The experiment of measurement through the height of the blade for one selected pitch of cascade was accomplished. Within this measurement the pressure measurements at the outlet of the cascade in nine different planes from the axis of symmetry to the wall of the test section were carried out.

This year the cooperation will continue with measurements of other pitches of the same cascade to finalize the set of data for specification of the optimum.

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