The development of turbo-shaft engine designated for light helicopters and unmaned aircrafts

Project objectives

The development of turbo-shaft engine with output shaft power 180 kW for powerplant of light helicopters with one or two engines with maximal take-off weight 1500kg.The turboshaft engine TS100 is derived from developing turboprop engin TP100 and share the same core-engine derived from jet engine TJ100.The flow parts optimalization to achieve a low specific fuel consumption. A new gearbox design with output shaft speed 6000rpm and mass optimalization.


Project participants

  • První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a. s.
  • Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav, a.s.
  • UNIS, a.s.


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Project start



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Head investigator

Ing. Jaromír Lamka
Head of Engines Department, VZLU