The development of scientific instruments for the use in space by the affiliate Serenum a.s.

main focus of the company:

VZLU´s spin off Serenum a.s. develops and delivers specialized scientific instruments and equipment for experiments and measurements in space. The most important are the development of micro-accelerometers used for research of the ionosphere. Current range of work includes:

  • Custom design of electronic
    • Custom electronic development, digital signal processing, data acquisition systems, process control in real-time
    • Circuit design in FPGA (programmable gate arrays), design of synthesizable logic blocks
  • Design of measurement and control algorithms
    • Analysis, calculation and implementation of regulators and estimators
    • Custom instrumentation, motion analysis and control in robotics, navigation
  • Manage time and clock
  • Custom design and development of mechanics

Since 2002 VZLU develops and manufactures a new generation of precision micro-accelerometers to measure very small acceleration in space and for the ionosphere research. These very accurate devices allow measurements of the impact of non-gravitational forces on the parameters of the orbit of the Earth's artificial satellite, and then it is possible to process and clarify the dynamic models of the Earth's thermosphere. VZLU cooperated on space project SWARM as a supplier of micro-accelerometers, which will be part of three satellites placed in polar orbit at altitudes between 400-550 km. The mission of the SWARM project is focused on research of the geomagnetic field of the Earth.

In this field of research VZLU participated in the TEASER project, which was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The aim of the project was to verify the functionality of the new generation of micro-accelerometers in the space environment. The unit was part of Russia's Tatiana 2 satellite which was launched into orbit on a Soyuz carrier rocket in 2009. VZLU participated partly in the project of the Czech satellite MIMOZA, which was built at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. VZLU rendered some development and mechanical qualification tests for this satellite.



Ing. Radek Peřestý, Director of Serenum, a.s.,
tel: +420 225 115 496 , e-mail: