Successful tests of TP 100 new prototype turbo prop engine

In late February 2009, after circa 25 years, a new original Czech-made turboprop aeroplane engine designated TP 100 started running at the Brno machine factory První brněnská strojírna (PBS).

VZLU has participated largely in the engine development, particularly in the design and construction of its speed reducer. The engine demonstrator´s characteristics fill in the gap in the market. Its preliminary research was partly funded by the Ministry of Industry and Trade under a public tender programme TANDEM.

Featuring very small weight and dimensions, the TP 100 engine generates a power of 180 kW on the propeller shaft. Its modern modular design offers the possibility of further development providing a basis on which to build a successful series of small turbine engines in the future. To foster this intention a new theoretical and experimental research program to develop key components of small turbine engines has been launched at VZLU.