Structure resistance to high velocity impacts, incl. “bird strikes“

Development activities and testing:

  • Structural “bird strike” test for impact resistance using flying object (bird) 0,5 kg – 4 kg of weight with range of velocity 100 – 999 kph, tests are conducted in accordance to international standards FAA, EASA, ASTM, UIC 654, STANAG etc. or according to customer request
  • HVI (High Velocity Impact) tests on various types of projectiles (metal, stone, concrete, hail, ice, gravel, rubber and construction fragments, gelatine, ...)
  • Max. projectile velocity approx. 300 ms
  • Impact scanning by high speed camera 
  • Experimental research and analysis of various types of impact damage to composite materials (simulation of manufacturing and operational damage)
  • Experimental crash analysis of aircraft structures



  • Pneumatic air gun (4 lb), barrel diameter 125 mm, composed by segments up to 25 m of total length
  • Pneumatic air gun (8 lb), barrel diameter 250 mm, composed by segments up to 15 m of total length
  • Accuracy of velocity measurement ± 25 kph
  • Wires measurement system of nozzle velocity with accuracy ± 2%
  • High speed camera
  • Test frames with impacted force measurement for mounting different test specimens used for testing of metal and composite materials for different types of impact damage
  • SUPR drop test machine
  • Manual spring impactor


Research projects:

  • SARISTU – “Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures“, (2011-2015, FP7 EU, č. smlouvy 284562)
  • AFLONEXT – “2nd Generation Active Wing – Active Flow- Loads & Noise control on next generation wing“, (2013-2018, 7FP EU, project No. 604013)
  • CKLT – „Research centre for advanced aircraft structures”, (2012-2019, TAČR – Centre of Competence, project No. TA02000032)
  • DREAM  - “Design and Realization of equipped engine compartments including cowling for a fast compound rotorcraft”, (2017-2021, JU – Clean Sky 2, Project No.737955 – CS2)


Contact person:

Ing. Václav Horák, Ph.D., Head of Structural Tests, VZLU
tel: +420 225 115 225, e-mail: