Stratocaching and VZLU

stratocache in stratosphere
What is Stratocaching ?

Introduced as experiment and the game . From the stratosphere were launched in November capsule (stratocach) that participants were able to search after hitting the ground.

Stratocaching is a word formed by combining two expressions: stratosphere and geocaching . The stratosphere is the layer of atmosphere "wraps around" the Earth at an altitude of 11-50 km . Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon that consists in searching of treasure (caches) with the help of GPS navigation .

Since stratocaches must correspond precisely defined security rules, which are established by the Civil Aviation Authority, department of aerodynamics at VZLU was approached for advice on the correct shape of "maple seeds " so that there was a required rotation in flight. The object weighs 83 grams and is made of a material called Tyvek reinforced by foam.

It was necessary to take care of seeds to fell to the ground really tenderly. Project team of server and civic associations "Žádná věda" had to address the issue of what happens when you throw an object of 80 grams from a height of 40 km.

Here you can see all the way of the balloon.