Speed skiers ride up to 240 km/h downhill

Training conditions for speed skiers  are not optimal in the Czech Republic. They need a lot more steep slopes and so must travel to the higher mountains.

Other way how to adapt to the  downhill environment  offers a wind tunnel in VZLU. The tunnel allows to simulate wind conditions that arise around skiers when going downhill at speeds up to 240 km/h. Skier can interactively modify downhill attitude during measurement and equipment so as to achieve the minimum drag.

Skier Radek Cermak took advantage of this opportunity and he managed to overcome the current Czech record in speed skiing race in the French Vars in March 2014. He moved the czech record value up to 242 km/h This January he tuned ideal position in the wind tunnel in VZLU, improve  skis and poles and a new Czech record was born.

He ranks among the other major athletes, who used the opportunity of training in a wind tunnel of VZLU. About he training of Czech snowboarders in the wind tunnel can be found in a previous news here.