Smart diagnostic and monitoring tools for gas turbine engines


activities in the field of hUMS:

  • Development of a functional simulation engine model for diagnosis of fault states
  • Experimental equipment development for wireless HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System)
  • Development of intelligent engine fault diagnosis software and engine status monitoring with the possibility of replacing a faulty sensor with a computerized data model with an output for designing a maintenance procedure for on-condition maintenance
  • Design of methods for condition monitoring and for predictive maintenance of gas turbine engines
  •  Use of optimized numerical models to extend the life of aircraft turbine engines (multiphysical analyzes)



  • Matlab/Simulink
  • Tools for special HW development


research projects:

  • Technology for modern turbine engines“, partial objective No. 2 (2018-2022, institutional support of MIT ministry, so called “DKRVO)


Contact person:

Ing. Jan Kubata, Head of Engine department, VZLÚ
Tel: +420 225 115 232, cell: +420 721 144 263, e-mail: