Scientific seminar on Airflow modelling in aeronautical and industrial applications 2015

Seminar at VZLU

Seminar called "The modeling of flow in aviation and industrial applications" was held on 17 Sept by Aerodynamic department at VZLU. This seminar, which followed the tradition of seminars on applied aerodynamics, concerned on the modeling of flow in aviation and other industries. Thematically the seminar focused on the problems of aerodynamics of aircraft, ground vehicles, buildings, blade machines and other industrial applications. Speakers presented interesting results from the last period obtained at various sites of the Czech Republic. An important part of the seminar was also discussion on the current and future needs of industrial research and development.


Department of Aerodynamics in VZLU addresses a number of aerodynamics disciplines such as CFD calculations (Computational Fluid Dynamics) aerodynamic optimization, Flight Mechanics, subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows, aerodynamics of aircraft and transportation vehicles, especially cars, aerodynamics of buildings, wind engineering, comfort of pedestrians air conditioning, turbomachinery, measurements in wind tunnels, etc. Services in the field of aerodynamics are requested in the design of aircraft, trucks, trains and other means of transport. VZLU has several wind tunnels located in Prague. More on