Roll-out of the EV-55 Outback - new generation turboprop aircraft from Evektor

Roll-out of new transport aircraft, the EV-55 Outback.

A new airliner EV-55 Outback was introduced to the public on 30th March 2010 by Evektor, aircraft manufacturer from Kunovice. The introduction was preceded by six years of development and investments of more than one billion Czech crowns. The project was supported by the Association of Aviation Manufacturers of the Czech Republic and some of its members were involved significantly in the development of EV-55. This aircraft should build on the success of L-410 Turbolet, twin-engine aircraft produced in series in the CR since 1969.

EV-55 offers a quick alteration of configuration from cargo-carrying into passenger version. Cabin ready for passengers can be changed into cargo-carrying within half an hour. This aircraft equipped with two propeller turbine engines made by Pratt & Whitney can seat 9 to 14 passengers. It can carry over 1800 kilograms of cargo and can fly up to 400 km / h.

The company is now looking for a way to start the certification that will be probably carried out in cooperation with the military. Production of the aircraft depends on the customer interest, but there will not be any lack of it. According to the server the company would like to sell the aircrafts for roughly two million U.S. dollars (37 million CZK) each and produce several dozen per year. The prototype EV-55 should get into the air for the first time in May this year.

VZLU’s work on this project included mainly experimental verification in a wind tunnel and static tests of airframe.

Main technical data:
Wingspan: 16.10 m
Length: 14.35 m
Height: 4.66 m
Weight of empty aircraft: 2597 kg
Max. paying (PM) load: 1824 kg
Max. Takeoff Weight: 4600 kg
Max. speed: 408 km / h
Ceiling: 8800 m
Flight Range: 2620 km