Research tasks

The project consists of 6 research domains denoted A through F that are further subdivided into the following research tasks:


A: Aerodynamics

  • Research of flow fields in aviation applications
  • Advanced methods in aerodynamics
  • Flight loads correlation with computations
  • Fixed wing aircraft Aerodynamic Envelope research
  • Acoustic load in aviation traffic
  • Prediction of acoustic environment in aeroplane cabin


B: Modern technologies for aerospace applications

  • Metallic fibre laminates and low-cost composite technologies 
  • Advanced technologies of structural jointing 
  • Impact of the environment on the life-cycle of materials and surface finish


C: Propulsion systems

  • Numerical modelling of the flow in rotating machines 
  • Increasing effectiveness and safety of the fan drive 
  • Flight loads correlation with computations 
  • Advanced diagnostic methods



D: Structure design, strength and durability

  • Research of the means of improving passive safety of aircrew and passengers
  • Reliability of aeroplane equipment and systems
  • Aeroelasticity
  • Strength of composite structures
  • Structural optimisation
  • Fatigue and durability of composite structures


E Space research

  • Research in the design and tests of space devices
  • Universal on-board computer for the use in aerospace and aviation


F: Economic and legislative aspects and application of research results



Ing. Martin Holl, PhD.
vedoucí CLKV ve VZLÚ
tel: 225 115 496

Project: Aerospace Research Centre (2005-2011)